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One-responsibility company.

Ancol Electronics Co., Ltd  is a global leader in the development and manufacture of best-in-class, high-density power supply solutions and capacitor solutions for medical and commercial applications.

By leveraging innovative R& D capabilities, engineering expertise and outstanding design skills to provide rapid solutions for customer needs, the company has seen sales climb from $11 million in 2012 to $25 million last year. 
Since 1990 Our catalog and product line have now successfully expanded to the field of power supplies: switching power supplies, AC/DC adapters and chargers, Linear adapters and chargers, Cased and open-frame switching power supplies, Medical-grade switching power supplies, DC/DC converters. many of these are offered under our "Ancol" brand; we also accept OEM/ODM orders for all of our products. 

Three factories in mainland China are ready to process all your orders. Our factories are ISO 9001-, ISO 14001- and QS 9000-certified. Equipment and materials are sourced from Germany, USA, and mainland China. Our products have obtained safety approvals such as CQC, CCC, CE, GS, CB, UL, FCC, CSA, CUL, VDE, TUV, KTL, PSE, FIMKO, SEMKO, NEMKO, DEMKO and +S.

to develop and provide value-added products and solution, Ancol Electronics continues to out-perform competitors in manufacturing capabilities, , project integration, quality control, and customer satisfaction.

With our new Z-Commerce, accessibility to inventories and product order fulfillment can be accomplished 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Ancol’s goal for complete customer satisfaction is evident in their substantial investment of time and resources dedicated to improving internal efficiencies. 

Ancol’s commitment to technology and customer service translates into higher service levels for all of their customers. Major companies from the US, Europe and the Middle East come to us because we’ve proved every year for over twenty years to be a reliable supplier for all their power supplies or capacitors needs.

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Switching power supplies

AC/DC adapter

Cigarette lighter adapter-Car type

DC/DC Converters

DC/AC Inverters

Linear Power Supplies

Open frame power supplies

Standard battery chargers

Tantalum capacitors

Ceramic capacitors

Film capacitors

Alumimum Electrolytic Capacitors


Trimming potertiometer

PTC Thermistors

NTC Thermistors